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Working With a Staffing Agency is Easy

If you have never worked with a temp agency before, have no fear! We will handle everything from paperwork, insurance, payroll, and all other items so that you can focus on running your business. Hiring a temp is simple and our staffing managers have the experience to guide you through the process. We have experienced temps ready and able to keep things running smoothly, whatever the nature of your temporary employment needs may be.

Temp Me’s commitment to quality, communication, and constantly developing a superior talent pool makes us the pillar of reliability in a traditionally unreliable industry. We thoroughly communicate with both clients and candidates to ensure the best quality placements every time. We are a full-service temporary staffing agency with a focus on communication and customer service. You will receive an assigned account representative that will ensure seamless and consistent communication around the clock. Temp Me is dedicated to providing a level of service exceeding all other staffing firms. We understand you need temps now, and we have the right people, right now!

During the process, we will interview you about the position you need to fill thoroughly to ensure that we match our candidate to your needs the first time. Unsure about the exact details of the position you are looking for?  We will help you with that as well!

Our priorities are to give you fast results, quality candidates, and superior customer service to ensure your satisfaction and happiness. We promise easy and seamless interaction from the first contact and throughout our ongoing relationship with you.

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