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The Right Now Temp Agency

Temp Me fills positions with qualified candidates reliably, quickly and easily.

Why Temp Me is the Right Temp Agency for You:


  • Productive Temps that move your business ahead.
  • Talented Temps that bring productive and long lasting value
  • Reliable Temps that are trained and prepared for the position
  • Peace of Mind – we work for you and communication is key!


  • Better Placements – we find the best positions for our temps.
  • Quicker Placements – our network ensures prompt placement.
  • Consistent Placements – more placement opportunities.
  • Peace of Mind – We work for you and communication is key!

Often times positions open up unexpectedly, making it difficult to find top quality candidates in a timely manner

That’s where we come in!

Temp Me is a full service temp-staffing agency with a focus on communication and customer service, a true source of reliability in an unreliable industry.

Business doesn’t stop because a position opens up. We needed an an immediate solution and we got one – Thanks, Temp Me!
John M, Charlotte NC
I had no idea where I was going to find someone to keep our book keeping going after an unexpected dismissal – Temp Me helped us keep things going!
Allison M., Matthews NC

Temp Me makes filling positions easy. No hassle.
Just a click or call away.


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